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Aces & Eights Poker Chip Run Aviation Information

Last update: 8 June 2018 




  • Registration: You may fly the route in any order. At your first stop, inform the CAF Volunteer and they will take your information. Your last stop MUST be at KMBO. Payment will be due upon arrival at KMBO. 
  • NOTE: For aircraft that do not have speeds well over 100MPH, you may bypass 1 or 2 airports. PLEASE DECLARE THIS WHEN YOU CHECK-IN AT YOUR FIRST AIRPORT. You may NOT bypass KMBO. 
    • $15.00 for airplane/pilot
    • $10.00 for each playing passenger
    • $5.00 for extra hand
  • Route-Click on airport for more information
  • Post Run-Please see expanded registration notes here
    • In the event of weather that allows for the ground poker run but not the aviation portion:
      • You may only fly those portions of the route that is safe to do so; or
      • You may choose to drive the route; or (See registration page)
      • You may fly to KMBO and draw your chips upon arrival
    • Recommend you notify Air Safety Officer on day of event where you are taking off from and where you are going for safety following;
      • Air Safety Officer: Chris Kyler, 601-462-1488, text or phone call.
      • Provide name (all persons in the aircraft), contact number, N-Number, type of aircraft
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